Organize all your Content in one Place

The solution to track your content from concept to publishing.







Track Content Production from Concept to Publishing, for all your websites.

Fast, Easy, Intuitive

Keep track of All your Content in a Single application.

Ideal Content Mix.

You can easily keep track of how many Articles, videos or any other piece of content you have produced and published for any website or any specific keyword, balancing your content production or assigning more resources to your more valuable assets

Manage All your Websites


Production Calendars

Production Calendars can be seen by month or week, for all your properties or Team members

Keep track of deliveries.

You can check specific team members.

By Date

Or check your business production calendar for all your properties by month or week.


Visual Task Scheduler.

Keep track of all additional tasks needed in content publishing and marketing. Assign them to your team and follow their completion.

Project Management.

Manage projects from beginning to end.

Add Tasks and Subtasks to any Project

Check Work assigned to any Team member

Intuitive user interface


Detailed Content Features

Assigned content will include specific characteristics according to the type of Content.

Content Delivery Workflow

AI Content Summarizing

Connect with Google Drive

Google Doc Embedding


Post From Google Docs to WordPress

When you link a google document to your content, you can post directly to your WordPress website when your content is ready to be published.


Assign Roles to your Team Members

Roles will define the access to the App and the produced Content.

Producers and Freelancers can only access the content they produced and they have access to a limited part of the applications, while Auxiliar and Administrator can access the content produced by the whole team, statistics, websites and all the features.


Control your Freelancer’s payments

Keep log of your freelancer payments.



Content Statistics

The content mix and basic information about the production process can be visualized with graphics and other aids.


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