Organize your Content Production.

Tools to follow your Content from creation to publishing.


Track Content Production from Concept to Publishing, for all your websites.

Program Content Production

Assign content production to your in-house team or freelancers

Approve or Reject Delivered Content

Production lifecycle allows you to approve or reject the produced content before publishing

Keep Track of publishing

A content inventory is kept so you know where is it

Our Features

Your pieces of Content are valuable assets.

Every piece of Content, either internally produced or hired with a freelancer, is a huge investment for any website owner and should be kept in an inventory like any other valuable asset.

Trunker let you track production, but keep a Content inventory at hand which you can use later for re-publish, modify, promote, link, create new content and beyond.


Delivery calendar for all your websites and team members.

Add or remove team members easily and assign type of content.

Get A.I. auto summary of you published articles.

Trunker is responsive and can be used in any device.

Check production statistics. Identify non-productive members

Get A.I. relevant hashtags of your published articles.

Production Planning

Regardless if you have an inside team, hire freelancers or both, you can assign articles, videos, audios, slideshows and images for production. Each Team member has his own portal to receive notifications and upload content.

Publishing Schedule

Once assigned, you have several calendar views to track the deliveries and plan content publishing dates. You can see the delivery schedule in weeks, months or by team member. This allows you to plan the content production in advance.

Approve and Publish

Delivered content has to be approved before it gets the publishing stage. Content creators which are familiar with their content, will be asked to fill the description and tags so the publishing procedure is just a matter of  minutes.


Plans & Pricing


Fast & friendly visualization of your content lifecycle.

Define Keywords

Every piece of content is linked to a keyword (or concept) so you can visualize how many pieces of content is produced for a keyword. 

Types of Content

Each piece of content is classified with a type so you can have a view the content mix for an individual keyword or the whole website. 

Full Perspective

You can see the content balance for all your properties so you can add resources to the best performers or avoid spending more. 

Content is the #1 Digital Marketing tool

Continuous publishing articles, video, audio, slideshows and images is a must to get good positions in the Search Engines.

Easy Setup

Additional Features

Trunker has some other features that help you to keep track of your content and promote it easily.

Internal Chat for your Collaborators

In-app and mail team Notifications

Google Docs Embedding

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

With Trunker I can balance the content expenditure among my sites, giving special attention to those which give me higher profits, without forgetting those which have room to grow. 

Elena Rojas

Entrepreneur, BioEnciclopedia

I am definitively producing more content and can hire several freelancers at once and keep track of them all.

Dan Greene

Content Manager, Audaxia

After fulfilling my needs, I started a content producing service, offering content production to my customers and outsourcing all with great control.

Joe Danilo

CEO, Infoqis

Social Promotion


While Trunker is not a marketing platform, published content can be announced to world through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin (soon). Artificial Intelligence can produce automatic summaries and relevant hashtags of the articles.


Share your new content in any of the Facebook fan pages you manage. 


Announce your new content to the world with Twitter from Trunker.

LinkedIn (soon)

Share with your Linkedin network all the new content you publish.

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